Hawaiian Hawk- view at breakfast

April 9th, 2009

Hawaiian Hawk off our lanai

Hawaiian Hawk off our lanai

Often, we get a little lazy when it comes to the environment in which we live. Complacent might be a more accurate description. When you live in a setting as beautiful as we do, sometimes you begin to forget the folks who live in the middle of huge cities devoid of a more natural environment, with the exception of an occasional park or two. So, I wanted to share this picture with you.
Believe it or not this has been the view of our guests on a couple of occasions as they sat enjoying their breakfast on our lanai [deck, porch]. He doesn’t perch here every day of course, but when he does- it kind of takes your breath away.
If you’re seeking a more “natural” Hawaii- come visit our farm.

Rainbow over our Farm Estate Bed and Breakfast

February 12th, 2009


We’ve been so busy tending to our guests that I haven’t tended to this blog. Shame on me. It’s fun though giving orchard tours, helping folks who want to pick some Macadamias to take home with them get all set up [1/2 price for those you pick yourself] and of course helping people get the most out of their vacations.

Here’s a picture taken of the attached wing of our house. I heard guests talking and saw them gesturing quite animatedly and wondered what they were pointing their cameras at. I went down to see and here it is. The rainbow was even more impressive in person. But that’s Hawaii for you.

For those of you looking for airfare, there’s some great deals out there. Try bookingbuddy.com. It will allow you to go to several sites all from one location and you only have to enter your info once. I’ve got a great 3 night special right now. It’s listed on our front page of our website that you just clicked off of to read this Blog. Wonderful time to travel


Even farm girls can be a frustrated webmaster

October 14th, 2008

I love that term “webmaster”. How about web slave? I was up till 3:30 am working on updating our website for the farm B&B. Then at it again this morning right after serving breakfast. Among some other things, I wanted to update my index page and put a link or two to this blog. By the way, if you got here some other way  than off our website here’s a link to it:  http://www.macadamiameadows.com

We’ve got guests arriving soon- so I’m off to greet them. A big aloha from the Southern most Point in all the USA [no it isn't the Florida keys]. We’re actually located one road over from “South Point Rd.” which leads you right down to Ka Lae [in Hawaiian] which is indeed the southern most point . If you jump off South Point cliff the next landfall is the Antarctic.

Thank Goodness for the peace of the farm

October 14th, 2008

 As you walk through the Macadamia Nut orchard  you come to a slight hill in the orchard which comprises our meadow [hence the name "Macadamia Meadows"]. You can stand there, surrounded by Macadamia Trees and the gentle scent of Macadamia Blossoms, and as you look north there is the edge of Mauna Loa ,a beautiful green mountain rising to the sky [it's actually a saddle back volcano]. As you stand and listen there’s the soft chirp of birds in the orchard. And I think how grateful I am, in all the turmoil this world has been in this last week with all the financial bad news literally around the world, to have a quiet place of utter peace that I can turn to.

If a natural setting appeals to you, and the sounds of an Hawaiian rooster calling to it’s mate reminds you of simpler times you’d like to enjoy again [maybe a memory from visiting your grandparents farm on summer vacation when you were young] then welcome to our farm:)

Aloha from our farm

September 22nd, 2008
Macadamia Blossom
Macadamia Blossom

Aloha All

For some time now I’ve been thinking about writing a blog, so that you could get a feel for what is happening on the farm, in our area, and just get a feel for our little country estate out here in the middle of the pacific. Right now we’re waiting for guests to arrive, and as I’m sitting typing I can hear the birds in the trees out in the orchard, as they start to settle in for the soon aproaching twilight. I’ve lived here on this very spot for almost 12 years now, and after awhile, like most humans you start to take what you experience on a daily basis for granted. In many areas of the earth people are almost over come with sounds of traffic, people, and the constant hustle and bustle of busy city life. We’re blessed to be able to experience living in the middle, literally of a Macadamia Nut orchard, with gentle breezes from the trees, the shade they provide as you walk through the orchard; and when we have a blossom flush the pervasive perfume of the Macadamia blossoms.
As the sun continues to set I hear our Hawaiian roosters calling their hens to roost, snuggled into the protective branches of the Macadamia trees out in the orchard. Few places in this earth do you see fowl so close to their original, natural habitat.
Thoughts from a gentle evening on the farm