Kahuku Ranch- part of Volcano National Park

Kahuku Rand- instructions leaving
Kahuku Ranch- instructions leaving
Ed at Kahuke Ranch
Ed at Kahuku Ranch

Today was a GREAT day!! We have a wonderful natural area that most visitors to the Big Island of Hawaii have no idea exists, literally right up the road  from us.  My son-in-law [who's visiting] and I drove in and hiked  the trail they have open.  In the information sheet the rangers give out you are invited to “Keep your camera and binoculars handy. Watch ‘apapane sip nectar from red lehua and ‘amakihi probe koa for insects. Search the sky for high-flying ‘io (Hawaiian Hawk)”. On July 3, 2003 Kahuku Ranch was added to the public lands of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. However, it’s been open to the public for just about a year now; open on Saturdays and Sundays only and the hours are  from 9AM to 3 PM. First Saturday of each month is open to hunters. They hustled us out today saying there’s a $100 fine if you stay after 3 PM. So come stay with us, get a good nights rest and after a sumptuos farm breakfast head out and get an early start. If you like nature in it’s purest state, you’ll love this area of the island.

 Ed is taking a picture on his cell phone of the Forested pit Crater we hiked to. It is a huge crater and the picture doesn’t do it justice. As you leave the area you are asked to brush off your clothes and shoes to make certain you don’t take any seeds etc. out of the area [the other pic]

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