Thank Goodness for the peace of the farm

 As you walk through the Macadamia Nut orchard  you come to a slight hill in the orchard which comprises our meadow [hence the name "Macadamia Meadows"]. You can stand there, surrounded by Macadamia Trees and the gentle scent of Macadamia Blossoms, and as you look north there is the edge of Mauna Loa ,a beautiful green mountain rising to the sky [it's actually a saddle back volcano]. As you stand and listen there’s the soft chirp of birds in the orchard. And I think how grateful I am, in all the turmoil this world has been in this last week with all the financial bad news literally around the world, to have a quiet place of utter peace that I can turn to.

If a natural setting appeals to you, and the sounds of an Hawaiian rooster calling to it’s mate reminds you of simpler times you’d like to enjoy again [maybe a memory from visiting your grandparents farm on summer vacation when you were young] then welcome to our farm:)

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