New baby chicks on the farm- Hawiian name for chickens “Moa”



Here’s a picture of our new baby chicks. Moa [chickens] were introduced into Hawaii by the first Polynesians. Many folks think the Polynesians brought the chickens with them purely as a food source. Most people do not know how critical they are to insect control. With the help of our free ranging Hawaiian chickens we’ve been able to farm our Macadamia Nut orchard pesticide free for over twelve years now. Looking for a peaceful, natural setting? Want to enjoy the islands in the manner of the first Polynesians? Welcome to our farm!

Come enjoy our educational, complimentary orchard tour [we offer this to guests who stay on our farm only] and learn more about Macadamia Nut farming in the tropics. Our farm tours were mentioned in the New York Times!!

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