Green Sand Beach

Papakaleo Green Sand Beach

The other day we took some time to enjoy where we live. You know how it is, when you live some place- you don’t get to do what your guests do most of the time. You have to work! We enjoy helping our guests get the most out of their vacation, helping them get to the special places that will make their vacation not only a great memory but a wonderful experience. And spending time giving complimentary, educational orchard tours often is the highlight of my day. It’s fun to give folks a unique experience and I often get to educate folks a little about farming- and how to take care of our land. But it’s great to enjoy where you live off the farm once in awhile, especially if it’s a wonderful location like Hawaii; and Green Sand Beach is literally right down the road from us.  So here’s the beach- and yes it really is GREEN. Want to know why? Come visit and I’ll be glad to fill you in  :)

Walking along the ocean on the way to Green Sand Beach

We’re a great location to visit Papakaleo Green Sand Beach as well.

Come see all that the south part of the Big Island of Hawaii has to offer.

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