Tsunami March 11, 2011



It’s a wonderful day on the farm:) Fortunetly any damage here in Hawaii from the earthquake which originated in Japan was realatively minor.   On Ali`i Drive ,in Kona, right at ocean edge , there was a little damage , but nothing too substancial. Ali`i Drive is open to the public and ready for business.

 As for our farm, when we were looking for property, a little over 14 years ago now, I asked a lot of questions and fortunetly for us local folks were more than willing to share their experience. From our tennis court you get a great coastline view of the ocean [from the B&B rooms it's orchard views]. But are we right on the ocean?  No.  Days like today- glad of it.

Flights are coming in, great recent activety at Volcano National Park. We have guests who are hiking in to Green Sand Beach today and my husband and I went down to Punalu`u Black Sand Beach this afternoon. Lots of tourists visiting the beach today. It’s about 82f this afternoon. Great day to be visiting paradise.


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